Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Delia’s Delight Jewelry Launches Karmic Serenity Collection at GBK’s 2015 MTV Movie Awards Weekend Gift Lounge

Delia’s Delight Jewelry (http://www.deliasdelightjewelry.com), in association with The Artisan Group®, will introduce its Karmic Serenity Collection at GBK’s 2015 MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge, taking place April 10-11, 2015 at an exclusive location in Hollywood, California. Delia’s Delight will be gifting celebrities its White Copper Tree of Life Pendant. Select members of the press will receive a pair of White Copper Charm Earrings.

The White Copper Tree of Life Pendant being gifted to celebrities features a freshwater pearl and silk ribbon in a complementary color. It is wire-wrapped onto a delicate sterling silver chain and will be gifted in one of three colors: Lilac, Rouge and Iris. Members of the press will receive White Copper Charm Earrings in one of five designs: Tranquility (Grass), Harmony (Onyx), Tree of Life (Rouge), OHM (Lilac) and Lotus (Iris). Each pair features White Copper Charms wire-wrapped in sterling silver with either freshwater pearls or semi-precious gemstones.

Monica Sargeant, owner of Delia’s Delight Jewelry, designed the Karmic Serenity Collection based on her conviction that in today’s world, it is more important than ever to take time to enjoy the moment, take a break for yourself and send out positive energy back to the universe. “Karmic Serenity is the belief that the more serenity you put into the world, the more you will get back,” she says. “This Collection provides beautiful wearable reminders of what is important in life.”

The White Copper Tree of Life Pendant retails for $56.00 and the White Copper Charm Earrings retail for $32.00. Both can be purchased at DeliasDelightJewelry.com.

With good karma in mind, and because Monica believes music is extremely important to society because music heals, inspires and encourages in ways nothing else can, for each Karmic Serenity piece sold, Delia’s Delight Jewelry will donate $5.00 to Woodstock Illinois District 200 Music Boosters.
“As with many public school music programs around the United States, Woodstock Illinois District 200 depends on fundraising and charitable donations to keep going,” remarked Monica. “Some of the instruments at one of the District 200 High Schools are over 80 years old and sadly there is no budget to replace them.”

Monica Sargeant is an accomplished self taught artisan jeweler, who has been published in “Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry” and “Best of Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry: Special Edition 2010.” Monica is Level 1 certified in precious metal clay and has taken classes with some of the best teachers in the field.  Her jewelry has also been mentioned in Lisa Johnson Mandell’s blog, AtHomeInHollywood.com.  Of her designs she has said, “Expressive and detailed designs are part of my jewelry signature. My creative journey involves discovery and evolution. My handcrafted creations are inspired by nature, history and my imagination. I love to work with metals, natural stones, fibers, resins and glass. Starting with a focal concept, I use different techniques and mediums to bring my ideas to life.”

Delia’s Delight Jewelry has been gifted at GBK’s Luxury Celebrity Gift Lounge for the 2015 Golden Globe Awards and has been included in The Artisan Group Collaborative Stylist Gift Bags for “Better Call Saul,” “Law and Order: SVU,” “Jane the Virgin” and “Cedar Cove.”

To learn more about Delia’s Delight Jewelry, contact Monica Sargeant by email. Become a fan on Facebook (@deliasdelightjewelry), Twitter and Instagram (@deliasdelight). Follow her boards on Pinterest (@ddelightjewelry). Monica also shares her opinions, techniques and discusses art-related topics on her blog, Delia’s Delight.

To learn more about The Artisan Group, visit theartisangroup.org.

Monica Sargeant (http://www.deliasdelightjewelry.com) has been creating artisan jewelry since 2004 and has been teaching artisan jewelry in the Northwest Illinois Suburbs since 2005. Monica is published in Step by Step Wire Jewelry in a featured tutorial and as part of “Best of Step by Step Wire Jewelry 2010” Special Edition.
She is also a member of The Artisan Group, an exclusive premiere entertainment marketing organization on a mission to introduce Hollywood to the best of the best in handcrafted products.
Monica currently sells her jewelry on her website and select juried fine art shows throughout Northwest Illinois.